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Linda Steiner

drawing, illustration, linocut, painting

Linda Steiner was born in East Tyrol / Austria and studied graphic design at the Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institute in Vienna, where she was introduced to painting on big formats. After some failed attempts to study at the academy of Fine Arts, she decided to go her own way and joined a studio collective. 2018 she had her first solo show at the Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna and her work was exhibited in several group exhibitions. Ever since she is a vital part of the young art scene in Vienna.


Linda’s body of work is intimate and personal, as she is using her own emotions, her body and her surroundings for inspiration. Her distinct female figures radiate power and self-esteem and perfectly embody the artist’s unfaltering spirit and passion for art, equality and freedom.


Linda focuses on painting, but she also works as an illustrator, using both digital and traditional methods. But that’s not the end of it! Linda also produced lino-prints, vidoes, animations and street art together with the amazing ripoff crew. I am therefor very happy that Linda found the time to answer some questions for us:


Nothing derives from nothing. So who were your biggest artistic influences in the beginning and who influences you nowadays?


I think the first artist who really hit a nerve with me was Frida Kahlo. We had this book at home an I looked at it a million times. The fact that she used her art as kind of a therapy fascinated me. When I started getting more seriously into drawing I was in a pretty dark place and it always helped me find balance.
A few people I draw a lot of inspiration from nowadays are Egle Zvirblyte, Akvile Magicdust, Valeria Alvarez, Regine David and Yung Hua Chen.
I love getting inspired by different mediums like illustration, photography or sculpture.
But full disclosure, my interests change very fast usually. In a year I would probably give you a very different answer than today.


Most of your works orbits around the portrayal of women – why’s that?


Well, I think on one hand I just paint a lot of self portraits and people who are very close to me and those happen to be a lot of women. On the other hand it’s because feminism is a big topic for me and I also try to depict that in my artworks.


If someone told you, you had one free wish regarding your art, that would be fulfilled immediately, what would it be?


Unlimited, free art supplies that get delivered whenever I need them.


Do you ever have days, when the impostor-syndrome hits you hard and you feel like jacking it all in? If so, what do you do about it?


Yeah, I think everybody has those moments but then I remind myself that there are no original ideas ever and everything is inspired by others. I think, at least regarding my art, I’m pretty good at accepting failure.



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